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3D Machine Vision
Surface Inspection
Shape Verification

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Axiscan develops technologies for high precision surface inspection and shape verification on painted, metal, glass, and plastic surfaces, using innovative techniques to implement robust 3D machine vision.

In particular, Axiscan has...

  1. introduced a ground-breaking innovation in the field of deflectometry to optically interrogate large free-form surfaces and produce digital 3D models with micrometer-level depth-resolution.

  2. developed purpose-built algorithms for reliable detection of specific geometric defects in 3D surfaces.

Axiscan is lean and software-focused, bringing solutions to market through partners. We can integrate our software as a service with your hardware, or we can work with a partner to bring a turn-key solution to your industrial 3D machine vision problem.

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Accurate, Fast, Reliable

Axiscan's 3D geometric algorithm detects hail dents that are micrometers deep, and produces a comprehensive description of each dent including diameter, depth, and curvatures. In combination with Axiscan's 3D scanning technology this provides an ideal solution for fast and accurate assessment of hail damage on vehicles.


Precise and Practical

A curvature deviation map is produced by comparing a 3D scan to a reference CAD model for manufactured parts such as automotive glazing. Axiscan's proprietary 3D scanning technology has practical hardware requirements that allow for measuring contiguous curved surfaces without repositioning the object under test.

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Unlocking New Possibilities

Earlier detection of defects in a production line can save significant costs. Certain types of defects have to date not been possible to detect optically prior to painting, but Axiscan's 3D scanning technology is poised to change that, as it is uniquely suited to being adapted for unpainted / non-reflective metal surfaces that are not amenable to ordinary optical deflectometry. Subscribe below if you are interested in receiving updates on this development.

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Axiscan SAS

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75001 Paris

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